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Counting number games for kids

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If your child can’t live without cars, the best and the easiest way to learn counting and memorize numbers is to count vehicles through edutainment: cars, trucks, vans, trailers, bikes and other vehicles! Really fun for kindergarten kids!This fantastic educational math app is recommended for kids 2-4 years of age, the game play is designed to learn easy math count and numbers for kids, build up child’s early arithmetic skills, learn counting 1 to 10 easily and fast. At the same time such matching math games for kids greatly contribute to the development of fine motor skills.Even if your baby is not ready to count yet, they will surely have a thoroughly enjoyable time with cars and numbers. If kids are trained number recognition in early childhood, it will be easier for them to understand counting and math later in the kindergarten or preschool.
Three game levels are different ways to learn numbers and cars and get acquainted with math counting games for toddlers: match numbers and cars, enhance your number skills with flashcards and climb the ladder of success! They also help to keep your little boy or little girl entertained with math puzzles for toddlers.
Our educational apps are also great for 2-3 year old children to develop their comparison skills, fine motor skills, number recognition with preschool counting games for babies, easy counting and simply have fun with the games.